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Ribbon of remembrance

The Ribbon of Remembrance provides a central and personal focal point for visitors to the centre and ensures that those who served or supported the Command's operations are remembered and honoured, whether lost during the war or since.

The Ribbon connects the Spire Memorial with the Chadwick Centre, where the stories of those who served are told.

All our stones are created out of Yorkshire Scoutmoor stone, this highly durable stone is cut to 65mm and is available in a variety of sizes. The colours vary from each stone' from blue grey to buff brown so no two stones are the same.


The Mosquito is the entry-level Ribbon of Remembrance.

Size: 150 x 200mm £150.00

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The Bleinham is the second level Ribbon of Remembrance.

Size: 150 x 300mm £300.00

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The Hampden Ribbon of Remembrance supports the memory of individuals and crew members.

Size: 200 x 200mm £550.00

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The Halifax Ribbon of Remembrance serves as a larger version that will recognise the lost loved ones that you cherish.

Size: 200 x 300mm £1,000.00

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The Stirling Ribbon of Remembrance puts the status of your loved ones memory on a high level.

Size: 200 x 350mm £2,500.00

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The Wellington is a Ribbon of Remembrance to show your cherished memories of your loved one.

Size: 300 x 300mm £5,000.00

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The Lancaster Ribbon of Remembrance is a grand tribute to your loved one.

Size: 300 x 500mm £10,000.00

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The Manchester Ribbon of Remembrance is the highest level tribute and memory for your loved one.

Size: 450 x 450mm £15,000.00

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